Name: Hjarrandi

Sponsor Hjarrandi

Hjarrandi is a little Icelandic horse. His name means "The one who listens" – but he doesn’t always! Hjarrandi’s mother came over from Iceland and he was born in England in 1993. His mother died just after he was born, so he was weaned by two-legged friends and as a result he loves people, particularly children. He has belonged to the Group for seven years and is well settled, particularly now that he has a friend from Iceland called Rokkvi (the dark one) as a field mate. Although they are small, Icelandics are always called horses rather than ponies, just as Highlands are always called ponies even ‘though they are bigger…strange, isn’t it – but important to remember. Icelandic horses have an unusual extra gait called "tolt" . The right legs go forward together and then the left and so the horse glides along smoothly. This is ideal for riders who benefit from a less bumpy ride! Hjarrandi’s main is long and bushy – useful for holding if you are having a fast ride on the beach! He is friendly, fluffy and much loved by all his riders.

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