Name: Hjarrandi
Breed: Icelandic
Height: 13hh
Colour: Dark Bay
Born: 1993
Gender: Gelding
Joined Muirfield Riding Therapy: 2000

Sponsor Hjarrandi

Hello, my name means “The one who listens” – but I don’t always!  I also have a Show Name which is Hjarrandi From Fowlmere.

My mother came over from Iceland and I was born in England.  Mum died just after I was born, so I was weaned by my two-legged friends and I absolutely love people, particularly children.

Although small, we Icelandics are always called horses rather than ponies, just as Highlands are always called ponies even ‘though they are bigger…strange, isn’t it – but important to remember. Another interesting thing about us Icelandic horses is that we have an unusual extra gait called “tolt” . The right legs go forward together and then the left and so we glide along smoothly. This is ideal for riders who benefit from a less bumpy ride!

My mane is long and bushy – useful for my riders to hold onto if we are having a fast ride on the beach!   I like to think of myself as friendly and fluffy and I am happy to know that I am much loved by all my riders.

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