Name: Briony
Breed: Mixed breed
Height: 13.1
Colour: Dun
Born:  1998
Gender: Mare
Joined Muirfield Riding Therapy: 2008 


Sponsor Briony


Hello everyone, I’m Briony and my favourite foods are hay and treats (polos and apples)!  I love to go fast, galloping along the beach or stubble fields.  Although my pony passport doesn’t tell us, we think I might have some Arab breeding due to the way I like to hold my tail up high when I’m on the move.

I’m not at all keen on puddles however, and I don’t like loud noises or music.  But I really like my sharer Callum who is 11.   We love to jump and canter a lot together and enjoy Pony Club competitions.  I like jumping competitions so I can show off a bit and try to win rosettes!


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